Problems with VS Code

I’ve been having some frustrating issues with VS Code, it’s giving me launch errors when I try to run any code. For the past few days this has been been happening with just C files now I’m having it with everything. Any ideas for a way to solve this?

You’re gonna need to provide an error message, or log file, or something, I expect.

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It’s just saying that there’s something wrong with the launch.json file

this is the error:


It looks like you have someone changed a setting (or some addon did) that has it thinking there is something called “a” to launch. Since it’s a single letter, it’s gonna be hard to search for in the launch.json file. Unless you can thing of any recent change you might have made, or you wanna look the whole file over until you see an errant “a”, I think you might just backup your VS Code folder and reinstall it.

I have a couple of times it’s not worked.

By backup I mean rename it to a new name so that it won’t be found as a previous install. If that doesn’t work, then go to the Setting/Control Panel to UNINSTALL it completely. Then reinstall, surely that will work… Unless it’s a misconfiguration on your part that you make on each reinstall… but you said you had it working correctly before.

Ok, I will try that.

Finally got around to trying that it didn’t work

Well isn’t that a sticky situation. If you can’t repair it by uninstalling it and reinstalling, then I don’t know what the heck could be going wrong. I don’t use VSCode so don’t have a lot of other advice to offer. If it’s using system associations in some way, it could be trying to do a file launch of a type into some executable from the registry or something.

It should be something simple to fix, if only you knew what. One shouldn’t need to completely reinstall an OS just to fix a small problem in an IDE.

Try creating a new user account, and see what happens if you launch VSCode from it. That will help isolate if it is system wide or just in your account.

I attempted it a 2nd time and it worked