Posting picture of the week for steve

How do I Post picture of the week for steve

Steve doesn’t participate here, so I don’t really have an answer for you that involves this site. He accepts Twitter DM’s so that is probably one option (and the one I think most pic of the week submitters probably use.) He maintains a Security Now newsgroup on his newsgroups, so that may be another option (although I don’t know if I’ve ever witness anyone else do that.) He could be PM’ed on his GRC forum, but he is not known to always frequent it as often as you might hope (he stays busy on SpinRite and working in the newsgroups.)

In any case, you may need a picture host to hold the picture. You could use Imgur or I frequently use and there there are also temp file hosting services like ) I’m also sure there are many others I have never used.

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Beautiful answer! Thanks

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