Possible human trafficking problem. Assistance?

I wanted to see if someone could help me… And no, this is not some bizarre attempt to trick anyone :stuck_out_tongue:

I know someone with a relative in another country, that might be about to become the victim of human trafficking. Crazy stuff goes on in Europe, where young women get lured into being sex slaves…

The person I know is working on trying to verify someone’s story/identity that isn’t adding up. The person who needs the help is a parent I know, as their child is convinced things are on the up and up - and that doesn’t appear to really be the case. And, this is becoming a huge problem in parts of Europe and Asia with women.

But, does anyone know an online group, reddit group, something similar where information such as an IP address (I know how to track a location, but it is more complicated than that), instagram account, other social media account could be given? A place where someone with those kind of skills would hang out? And, someone could maybe look into the identity of someone… Just to find proof that this person is not on the up and up?

I’ve seen news stories in years past, of people posting a problem on a reddit group - and nice “hackers” track down information. I remember a group of them figured out where a particular photo was taken at, based on the information with the position of the sun and other info that was in the photo. Truly amazing stuff.

Anyway, this issue is important. I am limited on what I can say here, because the person needing the help is worried and wants to keep details quiet for now. But, any idea where I can turn to?

It is complicated much more because this is not occurring in the US, but in Europe.

Anywhere to point me in a particular direction?

I am not looking for anything illegal. Not at all. But someone I know is in pure panic mode that they might lose their child. And, I’d like to give them another avenue to turn to… They need more proof to show her child and convince her to put the brakes on things, in case my friend is correct.

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:frowning: praying I’m sorry I can’t help

Perhaps a private investigator would be helpful?

I don’t know of any groups that could help with this, however from experience of working with children, teens, & young adults…Education is about the only way to deter them. Sharing with them ways to spot a some who is trafficking, stories of girls who have fallen for the trap and barely escaped or didn’t. Fear is one of the most powerful emotions we possess to keep ourselves safe at times. Even let them know you are an Ally and a safe space to run information by without fear of it coming back to mom or dad. Unless they have the tools to see what is wrong with the picture they are going to feel they know what’s best for them.