Paul's audio playback problem

I listen to Paul and Brad on their First Ring Daily podcast, and of late there has been discussion of hardware for playing music in a fashion similar to Sonos. I tried this a long time ago when I bought into Slim Devices before they were taken over (and then ruined) by Logitech. I haven’t tried to solve the problem since, but I am vaguely aware there is a lower cost solution to the problem involving RPi’s or similar.

And if you just want to solve it and not built it too, you can use [lots] of money to solve the problem with:

Personally, I think I’d try using a $60 bit of kit ($30 for computer and $15 for the DAC and $15 for case and power supply):

I’m sure other’s here may have other suggestions also… This approach doesn’t include any powered speakers. Is there an open source powered speaker that competes with Sonos?

I think PulseAudio can do multi room on Linux. I played about with it a while Ago and got it steaming from Google Play Music to another device and control it on another device. I didn’t have multiple remote devices that could play audio at the time so couldn’t try out multi room.