NEWS 381: Google I/O 2022 Keynote

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I enjoyed watching you guys watch/comment on the show. Things (at I/O) seemed a little subdued, or maybe not, it’s been a while. On my list of things to consider: the watch, the tablet, and pixel 7. My pixel 3XL is still working great, so I can push it until late next year…I just bought a Nokia T20 to replace my beloved (but definitely old) Nexus 9 tablet, but I basically paid $25 for it using some gift cards, so I will probably get the Pixel tablet. I have always been a Casio Baby G watch wearer, but would like to try out the pixel watch - might not work for me since I can’t/won’t sleep with a watch on, but we’ll see. Lots of hurry up and wait though. :thinking:

The internal fly around views of buildings, an ad gency I worked for in 2009/2010 was offering that to its customers back the. Nice to see it is finding a wider audience today.

Well, today it’s done with a drone. Back then, you probably needed a hellicopter.

Somebody walked through the building making 360° shots with a DSLR, which were then put through rendering software to stitch it all together and make walkthroughs, it was like Google Maps for the insides of buildings.

Yeah we had that done at the Brick House for Google Maps. In 2017. Unfortunately, the walkthrough is gone on Maps these days. That’s a shame - it was really cool.

It was a guy with a DSLR - stitched it together, submitted it to maps.

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@Leo do you at least have the stitched together walk-through itself (i.e. whatever file was uploaded to Google Maps)? That would be a neat one for the archives. The Brick House was such a cool building. I’m glad I got to visit. A shame you weren’t able to buy the building originally.

Somebody asked on the show if we knew who made the Tensor chips. A few threads on Reddit say it’s based on last year’s Exynos 2100 (S21). Folks also say the watch will use a chip based on the older 9110 wear chip (GW3) rather than the 5nm Exynos W920 in the Watch4.

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It was announced last year that Samsung made the Tensor chip for Google, It was covered on TWIT as well at the time, I think.

I suggested at the time that it would be based on the Exynos family.

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It’s a worry that by the time Google get them to market, the hardware is already several years behind the competition. Think you mentioned before how the Pixel 6 did badly in benchmarks (although Apple is acknowledged to be streets ahead).

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@Leo has said on a few shows Google never delivered on the realtime Google Translate with Pixel buds, but they did :thinking:

The only thing different from that original demo is you have to tap a button before the other person speaks. But it does work :+1:t2:

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