Networking: Ethernet Mux for Connecting two Buildings

I’m thinking about implementing the “3 dumb router” scheme to isolate IOT devices from the main network at church and also create a guest network (maybe that’s 4 dumb routers now). The problem is that we have 2 buildings. We do have conduit with a Cat5 cable between the buildings.

Does anyone have recommendations on a device that would take 3 or 4 Ethernet channels and mux them over a single connection, then de-mux at the far end, providing separate, isolated ethernet channels?

I may be able to pull in a Cat6 cable or consider a fiber optic cable.

Only way I can think of doing this would be a switch capable of VLANs on both sides. Use LACP to MUX the connections as a trunk, and then use access ports on each side per VLAN.

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You can get fibre multiplexers (basically CWDMs) for not too much money but it seems a bit much for what you need, by the time you buy SFPs etc so I would agree with the VLAN option from Aaron.

Further to @AaronK’s suggestion, you would put a managed Ethernet switch on each end of the wire between the buildings. You assign the ports on the switch on one end to a specific VLAN and then route that VLAN out specific ports on the far end. This makes the line between the building a trunk carrying virtual channels of content tagged for destination VLAN. You could still do the three dumb router thing… but I really think that is more complexity than necessary. I would just get a pfSense router from Netgate and configure if nice and locked down.