MBW 775: Guacamole 2: The Dippening

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I hope that Apple ends up adopting RCS as a fallback. Anything is better than SMS.

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I didn’t understand why Alex was trying to defend NSO and saying they weren’t on the fiancé’s handset, when they were.

Also, AFAIK, Pegasus works despite Blastdoor. This is something new that, according to security researchers, Apple doesn’t have covered.

And, I appreciate that if you are being targeted, you have to change the way you do things, but do most of these people even know they are targeted? Plus, if they are on your phone, it is irrelevant what messaging service you use, they have direct access to the device and storage, game over. Worst case (for them), they slip in their own keyboard layer and record what you type, best case, they have full access to the messages on Signal - espacially if they manage to get a beachhead on the phone before Signal was installed.

He was correct though, if someone is determined to get in, and they have enough resources and skill, they can. It is just a question of how hard you can make it for them and how important you are to them.

I like Matthew Green‘s take on this so-called “security nihilism.”

In short, yes, it’s very hard if you’re being targeted to protect yourself, nevertheless we need to push companies to do a better job. It does no good to throw up your hands and say “well there’s no such thing as perfect security so why bother trying.”