Limiting bandwidth


I am without wired internet for 3 weeks while I change providers. I rented a 4G portable WiFi router to tide me over. However, it is only allowed 5gb / day before throttling. I put my Windows PC on data saving mode but cannot find an equivalent on MacOS (Big Sur).

Is there a way to easily stop MacOS from downloading stuff in the background etc? Or do I need to go through everything and turn off automatic updates etc?


Don’t particularly like answering a question I can’t say I have either encountered or at least tested, but I can remember a time when my entire internet access was very expensive and limited mobile broadband. So I researched as if this was my problem.

First, an article with MacOS settings you should definitely look at:

The second option I would look at is in this article:

Tripmode offers a free test version. You might be forced to use the Plus version for an older Mac. But, overage charges might far outweigh the cost.

I know I used a similar app on iOS to monitor and control very limited data allowance.

Good luck.

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The other thing to remember, if you are on BigSur, is that Apple has removed the ability of applications like TripMode or Little Snitch to throttle or block Apple’s system services.

I don’t currently have a Mac, so I can’t answer in more detail, that was just some information I picked up over the last few weeks listening to podcasts and reading news around BigSur and M1.

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Fantastic, thank you so much!