Laptop with both number pad and hot keys

I have an HP OMEN 17T-CB100 Laptop that has both the built in number pad and hot keys. HP has stopped making the OMEN like this and I can’t find any other current laptop that have these 2 features built in.

Anyone know of one?

I don’t know what you mean by hot keys. Do you mean function keys? Do you mean special media keys?

In any case, does this help?

I’m also wondering what HotKeys are with it being a built in feature. Please let us know more specifically what keys you are referring to and I’ll do my best to help.

Looks like the Omen has programmable keys for gaming.

Correct. This is exactly what I’m trying to find in a new laptop. These buttons along with a built in number pad

Corsair are launching one with macro keys across the top like an Apple touch bar. Only one I can find, but it doesn’t have a number pad.

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Do you seriously game on the go? (Which I have a hard time imagining because modern GPUs will deplete the battery very quickly.) If you mostly use the gaming functionality with the laptop stationary in one place (at home) then maybe just get a dock and nice gaming keyboard and ignore the one built into the laptop. Don’t get me wrong that it would be great to get exactly what you want, but you need to also consider if the extra expense of buying something niche is worth the cost when other solutions might work just as well.