Is your child a hacker?

According to the West Midlands Police, if your child uses Discord, Kali Linux, VirtualBox, VMware or HyperV, Metasploit or TOR, they are a hacker and you should contact you local constabulary and ask them for help putting your child on the right track!

The “National Crime Agency” logo also appears on the poster, but they have made a press release saying that they don’t agree with the poster and they never authorized the use of their logo in conjunction with it.

But it shows how a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

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Wow!! I have always said that technology is not dangerous but not understanding technology is what is dangerous.


If I use the tools above but am no longer a child can I still be a hacker?

Asking for a friend…


I use Linux and discord and I do not consider my self a real hacker…

Thanks for the laugh upon loading the site.
I saw the topic title and knew it had to be this story.

Here is another

Maybe they just need the names of some experts so they cal call them up and ask about getting email working on their new phones.


Funny you should say that, this was my first response on The Register:

Yes, it is a recruitment drive:

VM tools - operators

Discord - emergency calls

Metasploit - data forensics experts.

TOR - Special Branch, they know how to cover their tracks.


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They say it like its a bad thing.

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