Is Google lazy or careless?

I assume that most people will agree that google has a lot of talented programmer.
And Gmail and YouTube are both important parts in Googles portfolio.
However, when you activate Alerts on YouTube you get an email with the video thumbnail, the title a link to unsubscribe but no link/button to put the video on your [watch it later] playlist. :roll_eyes:
I honestly don’t understand why Google don’t care about such things.
More comfort = better experience = more usage.

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It’s analytics my man. They are first and foremost an advertisement service company that is first and foremost beholden to their shareholders. Everything else is secondary.

So not necessarily lazy or careless. Perhaps apathetic to user experience is a better way of putting it.

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Agreed, @godfrey. Just look at the new API call that they are releasing in Chrome, getInstalledRelatedApps.

A programmer asked on the board, what are the benefits for the user? Google’s answer? None, it is for web sites to see if the user has any related software installed on their device (technically to stop duplicate notifications through a web site and associated app), but most people’s first thought seems to be, “oh, another way of fingerprinting users.”

The better a service is the more I use it. This makes companies and their shareholder happy.
The easier and cost effective it is to make a service better the better for everyone.
No one can tell me it’s a matter of cost and or resources to fix such little things…

Google is now where GMX, AOL, Wordperfect, etc. where at their peak. Ignorant, laziness, carelessness.
We are not talking about a service that cost any money to operate for only a small portion of the user base. We are not even talking about a mentionable amount of money to “fix” an annoyance or the lack of human resources. And we don’t talk about tracking (core business) things. This has nothing to do any of that.

When Google canceled INBOX, many users were no happy.
Some even left Gmail or used a 3rd party frontend so google lost a part of the “Ad Advantage”.
And whether you like Google’s decision or not, it was a number decision.

Making services / programs easier and / or more enjoyable to use at
no cost is not a number decision.

I disagree. It’s ignorant to think the developers that work at Google don’t understand the small things they could change to make their apps better. They’re simply told not to do it because it doesn’t help monetize.

IMO it’s silly to think that a multi billion dollar ad company is lazy instead of calculating.

Making services and programs easier and more enjoyable is absolutely a numbers decision I don’t really understand how you could think otherwise. Even the smallest change in development costs money and man hours that they have deemed will not increase their profit margin. They likely have an entire analytics department that includes behaviour psychologists and other means of making these decisions we don’t know about.

I disagree, even the smallest easiest change to make is analyzed with profit at the top of their priority list. It’s not lazyness.


:joy: You’re suddenly right. Google doesn’t invest a minute or a dime
into a project before calculation every aspect:

RIP YouTube Messages
RIP YouTube for NintendoDS
RIP YouTube Gaming
RIP Google Shortener
RIP Google News & Weather
RIP Reply
RIP Google Goggles
RIP Google Site Search
RIP SoundStage
RIP Google Portfolios
RIP Glass OS
RIP Freebase
RIP Revolv
RIP MyTracks
RIP Songza
RIP Google Code
RIP Timeful
RIP Google Catalogs
RIP Google Moderator
RIP Google Question & Answers
RIP Google Notifier
RIP Bump!
RIP Google Checkout
RIP Google Reader
RIP Google Wave
…etc… running out of ink

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Google is both lazy and careless. The only thing they do care about is violating your privacy to collect everything they can about you. Information in your device, you pictures, your videos, your voice recordings, your Social Network interactions, your contacts, and switching on your camera and microphone without you knowing about it, watching you and everything going on around you, every minute of every day. Then there are people that are dumb enough to put this technology into their kids hands so any pervert at Google, or that hacks Google can see everything they have on their device too, and see, hear and know everything about them.

In life, there is only ONE thing anyone really cares about, and that is MONEY. When it comes to getting that money, they don’t care who they exploit to get that money, or how they do it, nor do they care who they hurt and devastate financially. Google is very evil, yet a necessary evil in so many of our lives because it has become a reliance without even always being conscious of it.

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I’m failing to see how anything you wrote shows how they are lazy or careless.

Every single one of your examples was created using ideas based on analytics and creativity. They were likewise shutdown or abandoned based on analytics and profit motives. If anything it furthers my point. Some of these were spectacular. Reader and Inbox are good examples. They were likely unprofitable or the analytics said it wasn’t in the best interest of the company to continue development.

Not because some people were lazy. I just don’t understand your point.


I guess to summarize it sounds like you want to complain about Google. Which I totally get. I loved Inbox and I can’t stand how they can’t seem to get their shit together regarding a unified messaging service.

However it is not because they are lazy or careless. It’s because they’re an advertisement service company that has a ton of money for R&D to throw stuff at a wall and see what makes them the most money.

Your argument was: “I disagree, even the smallest easiest change to make is analyzed with profit at the top of their priority list”
I just thought we could need a little reminder how some of this “analyzed”, “planed” and “pre-calculated” projects ended.

Yes not because anyone was lazy or careless though.

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Some of those abandoned projects did seem to be dropped for absolutely no reason at all. Like c’mon Google just let us use inbox.

Some projects got killed because of inner-company politics (In other words: One Manager killed a project because it was in his way etc.). We saw this a lot at IBM and SONY.
But it also seems, that there is a real “problem” in the Google “structure / culture/ policy” that is holding “ideas” and projects back because they don’t get “the right attention or don’t look cool”. Don’t know if that is really true or just the opinion of some Googler’s.


I’m curious how many people get the final say in the end. Are these projects fizzling out or does it come down to one guy being like “no shut it down because of x y n z”

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Google is careless because they harvest everything about you, which exposes everything about you to a rogue employee, a hacker, etc. They are lazy, because they do NOTHING to fix it, and fail to make any changes to stop doing it. That’s lazy and careless.

Can you give an example of a recent data breach of Google’s servers? Or perhaps what insufficient security protocols Google employees have that would allow them to leak data or be compromised by a hacker?

How much of the mess of Google apps is due to the whole 20% time to work on other projects?
Developers make something new and cool, get some manager to back it, then they get promoted and no one else wants to maintain their code.

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It has been mentioned before that the culture at Google where staff are allowed to move teams will see the latest and greatest product attracting a whole load of good developers, leaving yesterday’s hot app or service to languish and not be developed much further. I think that is a big reason why apps and services are killed off.

What make things worse is that services are killed off when equivalent functionality has not been incorporated into existing apps before they are killed off. At least they have not done that with YouTube Music and Google Play Music yet.

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Here ya go…

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