iPhone "Magic" feature discovered after 7 Years of use

I know everyone out there with an iPhone will come back with they already knew this feature existed, but I was amazed when I found it today, after about 7 years of iPhone usage. Something new to play with.

Double and triple tap on the back of the iPhone can be selectively enabled and configured to perform a multitude of different actions, such as enable and disable accessability features, take a screen shot, or even execute a user defined shortcut.

Just in case there were any iPhone users out there that didn’t already know this feature existed, go to Settings/Accessablity/Touch/ and scroll to the bottom to find Back Tap.

What other great secret features are lurking out there?

Credit where credit is due:

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Don’t feel too bad. That feature is less then a year old.

supposedly there is a spot on the side you can tap to trigger the same. I wanted to set mine up to launch my main google keep document but that wasn’t among the actions apple thinks I should be able to do.

I use double tap to trigger the Control Center and triple tap to take a screen shot