IOS 493: Apple Arcade, Six Months Later

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@tokyotony please cut down on the complaining and maybe bring back common sense. No one needs any apps for the pandemic. What they need is simple: wash their hands frequently, stay home as much as possible, and stay at least 6 feet away from others when they find it necessary to go out.

Ain’t no one who is tuning into TWiT because they need MORE covid-19 anything… they’re tuning it for an escape. Playing games is an escape and this show was about things for people to do because they’re spending so much time at home.

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FYI The Weather Channel does NOT own Weather Underground, WU is owned by The Weather Company (a subsidiary of IBM).

While the particular location you looked at on looks like they must use the same forecast take a look at the area where I live.

As you can see in the yearly comparison it’s clear they do not issue the same forecasts. Also note that New England is one of the trickiest areas on earth for weather forecasting, so all the forecasts have lower accuracy than for other locales.