Internet to separate building?

We are trying to get internet to an adjacent building at our church. Currently, every Sunday (for live streaming) we are physically unrolling a long ethernet cable, and physically plugging it into the router in the adjacent building. Of course, we are looking for a more elegant solution. I am looking into getting Cat6 cable from one building to another through the BRICK walls, but am wondering if there are other solutions.

Would a Mesh system work in this instance? The buildings are only 20 ft. apart, but they are brick. I don’t think Internet of Power Lines would work because they are separate buildings. Also, they don’t have any coax laid so Internet over Coax is also out of the question.

Any ideas?

Short of burying a cable, you would need a point to point wireless solution.

We used the Unifi bridge system at my previous employer, 2 buildings on opposite sides of the road. It worked very well.


Thank you all for the valuable info. I really appreciate it.

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