Improve your shared network stability with cfos Speed

Now that everyone is spending more time at home trying to compete for network bandwidth, I thought I would share this handy network driver.

cfos Speed is often repackaged and rebranded by may OEMs, and supplied with Mobos as a free tool for improving download and ping.
You may find the OEM version for your mobo is being updated often, but likely not.

cfos allow 1 month use as a free demo, but it is very cheep so a no-brainer to buy if it helps.

The driver acts like a super enhanced QoS service, and can talk to other copies on the network also switched to “cooperative mode” (off by default).

When you first use it it will calibrate the settings (can be done any time you want) based on the line conditions over a few days, or you can do this quicker by running a couple of up/down speed benchmarks.
Letting it happen over a few days will be better as it will take into account the varied network conditions you get.

It will prioritise traffic based on protocols and software types, which can be configured and added to.
This way you can make sure critical streaming tasks have high network priority while a web browser or downloader does not.
Nerds will be more than happy with the amount of monitoring and info available, gamers happier with a faster PING, and regular users will just be happy things are smoother.

Current versions are only made for Windows, but it can also optimise traffic for other devices.
Enable the cfos hotspot option and now any wifi connection via that new wifi point will be optimised.

cfos Speed also includes some handy extra security tweaks you can use, and supports block-lists.

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cfos are currently offering free copies until April 13th, 2020, of their network accelerator for people that most need it but can’t afford or buy it in their country.

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