If The Twit Network was a Sports League

OK, let me say this post is just for fun and some good conversation. It is not meant to be critical of any of the folks mentioned…

So, imagine each Twit Podcast as a sports team and you are the Commissioner of the league and you have been tasked with re-organizing the teams to generate higher TV ratings…

What would you do?

For example…

Take the roster of MBW and shift Andy Ihnatko to TWIG replacing Jeff Jarvis.
With the open spot on MBW, have cameos fill the spot on a rotating basis. People like Alex Lyndsay, Jason Snell, Dave Hamilton, Adam Angst, etc.

Now with TWIG, take Jeff Jarvis and move him to Sunday night as a regular or 2 on 1 off guest on TWIT.

Windows Weekly, bring in a once every two weeks guest to get another perspective.

and so on.

What would you do as Commissioner?