How to Stop Windows 11 Upgrade but continue with Windows 10 updates

How can I Stop Windows 11 Upgrade but continue with Windows 10 updates?

Steve Gibson has made a utility for this GRC | InControl  


It seems the GRC website does not exist or is down. Any workaround? Thanks

I just tried the link and it worked for me, can you share what error you’re getting when you try to navigate to the site? The InControl program is exactly what you need.

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Steve was having some issues with his DNS being DoS’ed the other day. He decided to make some changes, that shouldn’t have affected anyone, but I saw one person on his newsgroup also complain they couldn’t resolve it.

I doubt it will help you to go direct to the numeric IP as it will probably just redirect, but:



Non-authoritative answer:

If you can’t get it to work, try temporarily changing your DNS to the Google DNS at or use Quad9 at and see if that resolves it.


I use Quad 9 with DNSSec and is working fine for me. Just ran a Shields Up! test to make sure, all running fine.

Biggest problem for me is that my ISP “closes” some ports at the perimeter, so I always get a fail, because it isn’t full stealth - I know it is the ISP, because when I changed ISPs, the pattern of failed ports changed.

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