HOT 73: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 7 (2019) Review

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Nice review, @ant_pruitt.

I haven’t really watched many HoT reviews until now, but this one just caught my eye.

I like the informal review, with real-world findings, not wasting time with benchmarks etc.


THANKS a lot, @big_D. Yeah I like tech and gear, but I’m a fairly practical dude. I always want to share my practical or “regular person” use instead of the click baity, benchmark stuff that “regular people” aren’t" into. Hope that makes sense. Also, your comment means a lot to me because that week was a tough week for me. I felt like I was “off-center” on most things I did. Lol! I think back now to the gazillion times I struggled to say “4k display” for this segment. Those words just wouldn’t come out. :laughing:. Thanks again for the support. :fist_right:t5: :tumbler_glass:


Nice review! I’ve been a fan of the X1 series for a while.

I noticed a funky looking port with what seemed to be a network icon - does anyone know if this is a legit NIC adapter or does the NIC show up as a USB device in Windows? Assuming this actually is a network port.

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THANKS @knewman. It’s a NIC, but you need a dongle for it.
It’s called the “Ethernet Extension Connector”
I appreciate you watching. :fist_right:t5::tumbler_glass:

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