HOT 174: Clarifying the Hype: Your Apple Vision Pro Questions Answered

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such a BEAUTIFUL video by Mr. Nielsen ((chef’s kiss))

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I still can’t get my head around what prescription I’d need to use VR. Is it a single prescription for displays a few inches away, or your normal ‘real-world’ prescription? In my case, that would be progressives with three different prescriptions per eye.

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The same here, I have varifocals, I need different correction for near, middle and far. I also have a difference between the correction in the two eyes that exceeds the maximum that you can correct, so I always have to have one eye a bit out of focus, otherwise the brain can’t cope with the big difference and can cause depth perception problems, dizziness and nausea…

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Took a look at the Zeiss ordering instructions, they use near and distance prescriptions only.

My brother has a Meta Quest, which you can wear with glasses I think. Must give it a go.

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A friend has one and says it doesn’t work with varifocals.