HOP 91: Listener Photo Critique

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Hi @ant_pruitt , just catching up and was interested with the photo critique.

You were talking about using multiple images for adding focus points. Most of my macro photography is outside in the nature. I use macro rings or tubes and either my 50mm prime or my trusty 24-110mm lens.

The problem with being out with mother nature, especially insect or plant shots are:

  • the insects seldom stay still
  • the wind keeps moving the target back and forth - often towards the camera and away from the camera.

I use the multi-shot mode on my Sony A6000, free-hand, no tripod, which often gets me 3 - 4 frames of the flower, from which I then take the most usable shots. Going back and making multiple shots, with multiple focus points usually isn’t an option.

Do you have any other suggestions? There seems to be a big difference between doing some “studio” shots and being outside, when there is a strong wind constantly blowing the subject in-and-out of focus.

Please feel free to use the photos in a HOP episode, if you want to discuss outdoor macro techniques.

The following are from my post in the Photo thread from 08-22-2022:


You’re SPOT ON about the environment. Yeah some can get lucky with macro in nature. Definitely need a more controlled environment. When I find myself shooting macro outside, I shoot bursts to try to freeze the subject. Not always easy. Sometimes I’m able to get a good focus stack. Sometimes.


THANKS for watching, sir

Yes, I was lucky on that day, I took around 30 shots and got about 60% that were usable and 20% that were very good. There was about a 20mph wind blowing through the garden at the time.