HIIDE in plain site

Well, this is going well… The US left so quickly, they left some of their equipment behind, including trucks, weapons, ammo… And HIIDE - a biometrics system used to register the civilian population and it is used to identify friendly combatants and local contractors that helped the US military…

A quick method for the Taliban to see whether the person in front of them “collaborated with the enemy”…

I mean, this stuff that collects biometrics, it stores the data in encrypted form, right? It requires a registered user’s biometrics to operate it, right? It has a remote wipe feature, right? RIGHT?

Hmm, I’m guessing it is made by the same clowns that get a lot of military contracts (F22 flight software, anyone?), so it will be “idiot proof” to use in the field and why would you need security on a piece of technology that could easily fall into enemy hands?

Lisa and I just watched Restrepo, Sebastian Junger’s 2007 documentary about a year in the life of a single platoon in Afghanistan’s most dangerous region, the Korengal Valley. Recommended. The movie reminded me what a evil thing it is to wage war, how arrogant we were about Afghanistan, and what a terrible price everyone has paid for 20 years.

The “righteous” war against the Axis in the 1940s seems to have convinced my country that it’s our right and obligation to meddle everywhere in the world, resulting in increasingly unjustifiable quagmires in Korea, Viet Nam, and Afghanistan. And, of course, our vast and growing military-industrial complex requires continuous expenditures, heedless of the true cost in blood. It makes me weep with frustration.