Graduate School Professor

How does one become a Professor at a University Graduate School, when one does not have a Graduate degree???

Lie? Omit the truth? :rofl:

I was a guest lecturer at a university for 3 semesters, before the department admin asked me about where I had studied, so they could update the departmental website… I hadn’t studied, a friend, who was an assistant professor, had asked me to run a seminar for him, I went through the interview process with the head of department and he never noticed that I hadn’t studied, so I got the position. I went on to run the seminar for 3 years.

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In my country, you go to University to become a school teacher. In your country, you may be able to get by with a college degree. Funny though, certifications count as University degrees most often. No one ever got it right about education.

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Generally, the term professor signifies a job title. It is not a degree. If you are in an extremely applied field, you might work at a college of applied sciences as a professor due to a professional track record.

That said, it is generally less likely to close to impossible in fields with more academic orthodoxy.

The bridge that connects both worlds are honorary degrees which, while often given out based on merit, do get handed to donors and VIPs. Then, you technically have a (even if somewhat politically motivated) degree.

So guys, this was a rhetorical question! When I was in Grad School all of our professors held Masters or PHD’s - I was wondering how Jeff became a “Professor” at a Graduate School when he has only an undergrad degree - just thinking out loud


This guy is really laughing. :clap:

No, asking a question