Google Play on Fire Tablet

Hi All,
I would like to use Google Play on a Fire Tablet. It was recommended online to use APKMirror to download the Google APK’s. Is APKMirror relatively safe (binaries are validated) I was going to link it to a non-personal Google account.



Usually, but it’s always good to ask. I did download that APK, and it was easy to install. It’s all good.

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Yep. I’ve used it many times on phones and tablets with never an issue. I’ve also used it to do just what you are doing and it worked fine.


APK Mirror is indeed safe IMO. It’s owned and operated by the folks at They do a great job of keeping the site safe. I trust them.


@JasonHowell thanks for confirming that, it’s really helpful to know it’s backed by a well known org.

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