Geeky Movie Circa 2002 (Antitrust)

This movie entirely escaped my notice when it came out in 2002. In fact that entire decade escaped me due to my frantic travel period.
Now available on Pluto and probably other streaming services. Great performance by Tim Robbins playing a thinly disguised Bill Gates. I’m sure to watch it again.


I’ve seen it on tv a couple of times.

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If you like Antitrust, have you seen Sneakers? It’s from 1992:


That is an all-time classic.

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As cheesy as it is, I actually liked the movie Hackers at the time. It is the only movie I ever liked Angelina Jolie in. She wasn’t really famous at the time.

Now, I admit - Hackers is horrible to watch. Time has not been kind to that movie :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed, I have it on DVD, but haven’t seen it for a few years. It was cheesy, but fun. The “computer hacking” scenes are typical Hollywood - psychodelic graphics that have nothing to do with hacking - and yes, probably one of Angelina’s better roles.

She was also good in Girl Interrupted.

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saw it years ago. will have to watch again.

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I saw Sneakers years ago. As I recall I was not that impressed. Now to review it again, the rights holders feel its worth at least 4 bucks to view. I’ll pass for now.

Another movie about a tech nerd that I want to re-watch is:

I was gifted the book about him when I was in high school, but I didn’t appreciate the history and it was too filled with history and technical details to keep my interest at that time. I never got into it (I don’t think I ever got through the first chapter to be honest.) Alan Turing did great things in mathematics and computing, but it was done in secret during the war and it wasn’t appreciated at the time, much like I didn’t appreciate a book about him at the time I received it.

I also wonder if Pump Up The Volume kinda fits in the genre. It’s not clearly nerdy… more anti-conformity… but it’s been a looooong time since I saw it, so I maybe should try a re-watch. I guess War Games is also in this range.

I loved that movie!!! “Hack the planet”


I’ll have to check this out

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His is a tragic story. He had to keep his sexuality secret during the war and was a secret hero, but after the war, he was hounded by the Government and authorities, because he dared to be different.

Unfortunately, the film changes several key facts to make it “more interesting”, but it is more frustrating for those that actually know the story, like a lot of films based on real life events or books, too much is removed or changed because and the end result feels like a betrayal for those that know the real story.

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“Kill the Gibson!”

So many great lines in the film. It is worth watching for the cheesieness.


Exactly the point right???

That’s a guilty pleasure. So stupidly unrealistic, but very enjoyable.


Oh this is a great thread! It’s bringing back some good, and not-so-good memories of movie nights.

I’ll throw one in that hasn’t yet been mentioned.

I wouldn’t say it’s a cinematic masterpiece, historically accurate, or even kind to Kevin, but it is kind of a fun thriller if you can get past all that.

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Thanks…Playing now… Can’t wait for the movie to be made from the book “Kingpin”

There is talk of them doing a second hackers movie.

There are two recent TV shows about AI that actually have some accurate tech - at least not cringey.

Amazon Prime’s DEVS with Nick Offerman was really good; apparently one of the writers was a Security Now fan. In Episode one there’s a surprisingly credible discussion of RSA vs ECC crypto.

The new Fox show Next about a killer AI and starring Jeff Jarvis look-alike, John Slattery, is off to a bang-up start. I am hopeful. (Watch for the python code at the end.)