FLOSS 624: Open Mainframe Project

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Foundations and Directors is of little interest to me. I prefer discussions of software or hardware that I can buy or try or at least think about using.

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Guess you did not stick around past the talk about foundations? They got into the open mainframe software and the tools and training material they host.
Want to learn COBOL? they have books and tools to learn it.

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I doubt I would have either, had you not mentioned it to be a necessity in your post. I know that Doc and his cadre seem interested in the politics of FOSS, but I question how many of the listeners are or would be. I’m not sure what the solution is, but every time the politics comes up I find myself automatically tuning out. Maybe the solution is to bifurcate the show. Do one episode with politics and FOSS organizational topics and then do the next one focused more directly on technology and implementations. (Maybe the same recording can be split into two “showings”?)

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Good to see you. Any suggestions of folks we should try to reach out to? I can pass this along to Mr Searls and team.