Dell Optiplex GX 520

I have a Dell Optiplex GX 520 desktop computer I’m trying to find a pci video card for it.

The on broad video is not working.

Any help would be great


How about Matrox? They always had nice PCI cards back then.

Do you know what one I should get pci video card

It looks like you have corrosion on a capacitor in the photo. If that is correct, then your board is about to die.

I don’t know a lot about motherboard and other stuff on the motherboard.


Can you please point me to where you are talking about corrosion on a capacitor

None of their PCI cards are manufactured anymore, but there a plenty of them on eBay. You might wanna check their site for legacy products. I’ve always been a fan of their G450 model. It supports DVI-D, so you’d get some nice picture.

The lighting is not good, but the one on the far left looks like it has dried crud on the top.
That is typical of a capacitor that is leaking and no longer regulating voltage properly leading to failures of parts of the system bus like the video not working.

You can also use your finger to feel the tops of the capacitors. They should be flat, so if you feel any that are round they are beginning to fail.

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This one specifically: image

All capacitors eventually fail. If you look at any of them in the picture, you’ll note they have a kind of “x” or “t” on the top… this is a design to allow them to eventually fail at the top and allow hydrogen to escape rather than to allow the capacitor to explode. If this board is old enough, it may date back to the time when many bad caps were on the market due to failed corporate espionage.


Can you please let me know what pci video card that would fit in my Dell Optiplex GX520??


I can buy one on Amazon or EBay.

Will this one work Radeon HD 54506180P8BkXaL.AC_SX355


Thanks for all the help

If you see that little hook on the back of the card then you know it will not work on the PC. That hook is for a PCIe card (or possibly AGP.)

On this picture

you can see you’re looking for a PCI video card NOT a PCIe or AGP.

This one might work

I’m looking for a VGA pci video card that has Low Profile
Here is a pic of the one that I thought would fit but high profile on it

In my experience in the past the cards that supported low profile had a replacement metal bracket (you would unscrew the two lugs the can be used to restrain the cable and the metal would come off and you could replace it.) I’m afraid you’re needing something from the past that may no longer be manufactured any more. Have a look on EBay maybe?