DALLE-2 Wins and Cringes

I got access to DALLE-2 and quickly burned through my 50 initial credits. I didn’t really get a lot of amazing results, but a few of them are amusing. I thought I would start a thread where people can share any of the results they generate that they consider outstandingly good or bad. I’ll add another post with the ones I’m sharing.

So far I think @ant_pruitt was right… no artist is going to be concerned about being put out of business by this version of the AI. It might be good for initial inspiration or for making something you can use as a basis for communication for what you really want.

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I tried to request something about a podcast and an Alaskan cruise. I was not very impressed:

Then I tried to see if it would be any good at making “logos” for TWiT… three sets of interesting results, but nothing I would recommend, and you can’t apparently tell it what text you want, because it simply has fun mangling it:


Do any of these inspire you @Leo? Maybe you want to start “TWiT Total Tech Deal” podcast? Or TWiT Does Interesting Info Tech? :wink: Probably not Postal Pood though, amirite? :smiley:


I kinda like number 3 on your second row, swap out the red circle for a show’s initials and it could be cool.

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Dude. These results. Lol!

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Well one other thing I asked for that generated a result I did like, was when I asked for “a scene from a fairybook nightmare, fine art”. I like red, so that got my attention, but it’s kinda interesting:


I’m just jealous that you got a Dall-E account! By the way, that’s exactly what the cruise looked like.

Okay this one is not from Dall-E but it was too funny not to share (please no ridicule of my excellent prompt image :wink:

The link if you want to play Diffuse The Rest - a Hugging Face Space by huggingface


ok, THAT is funny!!!

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So I got my next months worth of 15 Dall-E 2 credits, and I tried something that might evoke Leo and the “evil chair” or the one with the “podcasting legend”. The results are interesting, but not really any winners.

Prompt: a podcasting legend sitting in an dr evil chair showing off the book a guest sent him to promote digital art

Prompt: a radio host with microphone on an arm in front of him and a neon on the air sign behind him

Here’s a couple I do consider to be a wins though:

Prompt: A fluffy white goat grazing in a valley near a stream digital art

Prompt: A fluffy white goat riding a unicycle in a city park digital art
(It didn’t get the unicycle right, but I like the result anyway)


The goat near the stream is pretty :+1:t2: