Cookies - so many cookies!

I know we all love to hate the “allow cookies” messages. At least those of us in regions that try to make cookie handing more transparent. However, I just followed a link on reddit to a site that asked me to accept 414 - four hundred fourteen - cookies with one single click. Out of which 37 cookies are deemed necessary. First time I clicked on “show details” on one of those. I am going to do that more often, I suppose.

Wonder whether posts on popular sites are astroturfed merely to lead you to a cookie jar in order to market trackers? Is that a viable business model nowadays?

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Wow! That’s several cookie jars full of cookies. Maybe just tell them you’re on a diet and disable 3rd party cookies. I run all my browsers with 3rd party cookies disabled, and I rarely have any issue because of it… and when I do, I just assume I probably can live without whatever I might be unable to access.

Yea those cookie popups are auto-clicks for 99.999% of netizens. Thanks EU…

You may have already heard about this browser extension, but check out the EFF’s Privacy Badger - I’m not big on browser extensions but this is one I whole-heartedly recommend.

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