Car question for Leo and Sam

Hello everyone
So my question would be funny and a little non technical but since we talk about cars and technology with Sam

I was wondering why car manufacturers in Europe simply don’t put a dedicated button for turning OFF the air conditioning
That is really annoying when you start your car in the morning and have to push the blower speed switch many times to make it stop working :grin:
Sorry for this silly question
Thank you

I drive a European car (Audi) and it has a button to turn off the AC and back on again. It remembers the last state when you next start the car.

I don’t think I’ve come across a car that does t have a dedicated AC button :thinking:


My [North American] 2010 VW Jetta has a button for AC on/off… and also automatically enables the AC when you turn the knob to defrost (but you can then push the button to override and turn off the AC.)


Actually ive seen all mercedes and some bmw and audi and vw dont have it
I mean the compressor button exists but if i want to turn air conditioning completely off i need to click on the fan till it goes to off position (not blowing air) or go into screen menu and select off
The theory is to keep it on auto and let the car decide but I generally like to keep the car running fo a few minutes (Not idle run but low pressure for first few miles!) before using A/C

yoooo THIS SO MUCH!! I have an XKR as my “fun” car and there are at least 4 physical buttons that will turn the HVAC on, but to turn it off I’ve got to navigate through the awful touchscreen interface to find an “off” button.

My S5 did have a physical off button iirc. So maybe it’s a UK thing?

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I have the opposite compulsion. Before I stop the car when the AC was in use, I turn it off and run the fan on high to clear out all the cool air and bring the internal piping up to ambient temps. I don’t want a bunch of water condensing inside and making it smell musty. (Probably that used to be an issue has has been addressed in modern cars, but old habits die hard.)

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I’ve have driven lots of European cars and never had one that doesn’t have a separate switch for the AC. As we generally only need the AC for a few days a year, mine is generally turned off and only turned on when the screen steams up.

(British Nissan Qashqai, German Ford Mondeo, various VWs, Skodas, Audis, BMWs, Citroens, Renaults, Vauxhall/Opels and Fiats. I’ve never driven one that doesn’t have a separate switch for the AC.)

Nope, that is still a problem. I had my AC professionally cleaned this year, as it smelt like stale pee, when I turned the AC on.

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I know but all mercedes models never had an OFF switch (not A/C) but fan OFF
I have to click on fan speed multiple times to 5-4-3-2-1-off