Can't Subscribe to Home Theater Geeks

I have tried several time to subscribe to Home Theater Geeks on my Pixel 7. It never shows up in PocketCast.

The first time the message "Error"appeared. It has has not reappeared but HTG does not show up on my list of podcasts.

HTG is a Club Twit exclusive. You can only subscribe with your special link as a club member.

I am a member. I got their mailing announcing the series and used the link to go to the web page and trief to subscribe via the button.

I have also gone to the club twit page, logged in and clicked on the link about subscribing and had the same problem.


A couple of suggestions:

First, Pocket Casts is known to be buggy. There is a FAQ entry specifically about it:

Start at and login (again) and see if you get an updated list.

If none of that helps, then I suggest you ask for help in the Discord #club-twit-help channel.