Can we submit questions to the hosts for this show?

hi @Leo , @ant_pruitt, @JeffJarvis and @gigastacey. Wonderful show. Is there any chance I can submit a question to Jeff about printing presses on the show. I am sure it wouldn’t take much time. And @leo as a native Scotsman (Aberdeen) I don’t mind the Scotts accent u do its an impressive effort better than some of the televised fake accents you get . James doohan in Star Trek too fake . Christopher lambert in the highlander and Mel Gibson in braveheart both unforgivable.

Thank you

Jamie W


He gave it all she’s got!


@j666w @Joe I’m an engineer, Captain, not a voice actor!


I think Doohan’s accent kind of fit the comic book bent for the Star Trek show…it wasn’t a hard core science base bit of fiction after all

Not really a question, but it does relate to Scotland.

The introduction of new regulations on fire alarms make Google Nest Protect unsuitable to meet the requirements. User-replaceable batteries are not allowed and there is no interlinked fire-only detector, which makes the wired devices non-compliant.

What would Google do? :slight_smile: These products should be withdrawn from sale in Scotland. Else Scots will end up finding they have bought expensive Google products they have to throw out.