Bill Gates COVID 19 conspiracies

A rebuttal from Bill, but what made me stop and stare, and then chuckle, is that I thought I was watching Woody Allen for a minute there!


It might be useful^h fun if he went full McAfee on conspiracy theorists in just one video.

(parental guidance recommended, not safe for work, but truly discerning tech culture history)


I hope Bill has better “Values” than Woody. I’m pretty sure he does.

Isn’t it amusing how Bill Gates changed from the evil businessman hated by the extreme left? Now he’s the evil philanthropist hated by the extreme right.

Lol that was hilarious :joy:

Bill Gates original fame was well justified.
Microsoft in its early days was using very unethical practices and it was a toxic company. The quality of their products was also quite bad with a couple of exceptions namely the mouse and the flight simulator :joy:.

But I think things have improved since then. Bill Gates work after he started working on his foundation is definitely beneficial to science and society. He is doing a lot of good for this world.

Yes, he has better values.

It was just the way he was sitting there, his hand movements and a touch his voice.

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