Bandwidth (the company) Outage

The popular IP telephony provider, Bandwidth, has been in the midst of an outage for nearly the entire day.

Status page at doesn’t give much info beyond that, but one of our vendors who resells Bandwidth services was told by a CS agent that the outage is the result of a prolonged DDoS event.

So yea… if your call doesn’t go through today, here’s why!

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One presumes that blackmail DDoS is hoped to be as lucrative as crypto-malware.


Yes, that was my first thought as well.

They took out a couple of major UK VOIP providers last week, as well as several smaller players.

That’s one of the reasons why I’m trying to get my land lord to let me get an new ISP.

I have an simmer thing at my apmnet complex mr raccoon. Where I live we have 4 fiber optic porvers my land lord makes use the one that has value to me of less then zero or setaligth that has an even lower value to me.