Arduino / RaspberryPI maker projects for tweens

Looking for a last minute Christmas gift for my son. He already gets a monthly maker’s box and loves tinkering. Last year we got an Arduino board and did some basic programming displaying numbers on a display, blinking LED’s, etc. This year I want to get him another Arduino or Raspberry Pi project where you create your own programmable RC car, robot, drone, etc… Something where building and programming takes a while, but then you end up with something more useful or playful long term.

Anyone have any good recommendations for these kinds of kits for a 12 year old? I see a ton of them online of course, but would love to hear from someone with a little more first hand knowledge.

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I was gifted an Arduino kit as a birthday present. As someone with little hardware experience (I’m a software guy, but I can build my own PC’s) I found it easy enough to get started (but then lacked any real idea of what else to do with it.) It came with lots of neat parts and seemed well thought out. I think the idea was you might even build a small “robot” or something with it. It’s called “Super Starter Kit UNO R3 Project” by If you’re into the wires and LEDs and such, it seems like a neat kit.
Edit: I Googled for the product page, I think mine came from Amazon.

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That is similar to the kit we already have. It was fun to work through. They make other kits that give you all the mechanical pieces to build a complete car, robot, etc. That is more what I am looking for.