Apple, Google, and Microsoft will soon implement passwordless sign-in on all major platforms

This is interesting to see - maybe we will eventually get away from passwords altogether… I know currently, you can hook your phone to Windows and Chromebooks… But, I haven’t done so yet. With this option in the future, I might start.

“with your phone” is not a workable solution unless the phone [optionally] comes with the device. You’re not going to expect, say grade school students using a Chromebook, to have a phone. And certainly you’re not always in a location where a phone has a connection to a network, like on a plane. Some employers are so paranoid that they do not allow phones within their building. (I’m speaking of three letter acronym type buildings, and call centres.)

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I could see this useful to save me from having to log in and out of my 7 different email addresses all the time. Maybe saving me from some passwords on certain websites too…

I like the finger print reader on my Samsung phone. It saves me from having to type a lot of passwords. I don’t have one on my computer - but I assume for PCs with a fingerprint reader, it works the same way as it does on the phone?