Any ideas on some free software to transfer pictures from Samsung feature phone to a Windows 10 PC

HI I was wondering if I could ask a question I have a plain Samsung cell phone. The software that works with my samsung cell phone is Samsung Kies. Ever since I Installed the November 2021 for windows 10 I can not install the Samsung Kies software. When I put my transfer cable into my Samsung cell phone and then into my usb port on the desktop tower no drivers install for my cell phone to connect to Samsung Kies because I am thinking that the samsung Kies software is no longer supported.

I would like some ideas on some free software that can transfer my photos off of my samsung cell phone. I do not have a Samsung Galexy or an android cell phone.

here is some information
Windows 10 home 64 Bit operating system
Version: 21h2

Thanks for the ideas and advice.

If its the same as my non smartphones, you should be able to change the USB configuration in settings to default to mass storage device.

Then, when you the connect to a PC it will mount as a drive and you can use the Windows file explorer to find where the pics are and transfer them.

Edit…just googled that model no…

This is just a plain flip cell phone it is not an apple iphone. I did try Smart Switch from Samsung but it did not work on my desktop because my cell phone is not an android cell phone.

Thanks though for your advice.

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My Samsung flip phone in settings has Ask on connection or the next method is use Mass storage witch I do not have a memory stick for my Samsung cell phone the last connection is Samsung Kies. As I have said that Samsung Kies is not supported any longer and I can not transfer any new photos off my cell phone to my windows 10 home witch is on my desktop.

Set it to the mass storage setting and then connect the phone to your Windows 10 machine with its USB cable.

You should see it mount as if it is a USB stick. You are looking for a DCIM or camera folder on the phone I think.

I should mention that I do not have any mass storge on my Samsung cell phone. I cannot use Massave storage at all.

There is a setting in the phone, when connected to another device by USB it needs to be told how to present itself to the PC.

I do not have an Android cell phone it is just a simple Samsung flip phone.

I doubt there is any other choice except Kies, and it appears that Samsung is no longer updating it, as the web site doesn’t even list Windows 10 as supported (the last version listed as supported is Windows 8.)

Understood. But from the model number you gave, the user manual I found says it supports mass storage mode. Do you have this option in Menu/Settings/PC connections?

I do not have any way to put anything on mass storage from cell phone I only can put photos on my cell phone. When I do connect my samsung cell phone to my computer I have two options Kies application and under that my phone has mass storage but I do not have any usb stick to put my photos from my phone on a stick to use as mass storage.

So close!

Plug the phone in, select that mass storage option and take a look in Windows File Explorer. You should see the phone at the bottom on the left, and be able to click on it to see the folders and files on the phone (and hopefully find your photos and copy them to where you want them). Be careful to only copy files though. Don’t move or delete any files on the phone.

It doesn’t matter if YOU don’t have any mass storage. It’s just a name for that way of connecting the phone.

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Odd their sound have been something like an DVD-ROM in the package. I never saw any kind digital camera without an software DVD-ROM in the box.

I just have a built in camera in my cell phone only. I have no cd. My built in Camera came with my cell phone.

HI After I plugged my usb cable into my cell phone and the usb cable into my computer my connections came up on my phone with Samsung Kies or Mass storage. When I clicked on mass storage i got a red circle and a message saying insert Memory card. I do not have a memory card for my cell phone. I am just wondering do I need some drivers to be installed on my laptop in order to transfer my photos from cell phone to my laptop. I should mention that I am using windows 11 home. Could this also be the problem is this why I cannot transfer my photos off my cell phone to my laptop.

Can’t you ignore that message and still access the internal phone memory (look in Windows File Explorer)? It shouldn’t need a dedicated driver as far as I know.

Looking at the specs, your phone has 256MB of internal memory and can take a MicroSD up to 32GB.

That might be another way to get your photos and any data off that phone. Buy a 32GB MicroSD card (less than $10), put it in the phone, use the ‘My Files’ app on the phone to copy your pictures to the card, and then put the card into your PC to access the photos.

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Many of the issues addressed is way I don’t like cell phone cameras. That’s way I think the DVD-ROM thing form May 8th was the best answer. Because they ten to make it so you need to install software to download them.

That is why I am trying to find some free software to transfer my photos off of my samsung cell phone. Since I cannot use Samsung Kies on windows 11 any more. I have windows 11 home on this new dell laptop right now. I do not have a Microsd card for my phone right now.

I appreciate the help everyone keep on trying to help me please.


I do not have dvd cd rom in this dell laptop. So that is why I need an altertive software besides Samsung Kies to download photos from from my cell phone.