Another AMA - Jason Howell, Andy Ihnatko, Jeff Jarvis!

Not sure if it has been posted here yet, but another AMA this Friday:


I was off on the time for the last one. I’m going to try to catch this one live.

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Too early on Saturday morning for me (4am), but I’ll catch it on YouTube later in the day.

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The “official” announcement message is here:

For Andy:
What is your favorite piece of Apple hardware of all time? Why?
Do you enjoy your appearances on WGBH? Do you miss the going to the Library studio or prefer to phone it in?
What is your favorite breakfast and dinner meal?

For Jeff:

What is your favorite Google product? Why?
Why do you not like Apple or their products?
What is the biggest challenge for you teaching remotely?

For Jason:
What is your favorite Android device? Why?
What Twit show do you like hosting the most?
If you had final say, what NEW Twit show would you like to see created and then host?

I thought this AMA was very good. I caught it on time to watch live. They all seemed more relaxed and having fun.

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