AI and the military

Hey. Lot of discussion recently on AI and uses of AI, especially in military context.

On the latest episode of StarTalk, NeilDGT mentions how when he was an advisor with the Pentagon, one of the reports/papers/things coming out of that was that AI was fine for identifying targets, but any time action needed to be taken (to eliminate the target), humans needed to be in charge of that decision.

It came out of a discussion with the writers of Wargames, who were recently awarded a Future of Life award for how much that movie impacted the discussion around nuclear weaponry and AI.

Just, you know, thought it was interesting and might inform future discussion, if @ant_pruitt were looking for something different to add…

I remember hearing a story about President Reagan being so impressed by the WarGames SAC (Strategic Air Command) headquarters set in the film that he asked for a tour of the real SAC HQ command room - which didn’t exist! The Air Force then proceeded to create the SAC HQ control room in the spirit of the one from the film. No clue if this is true but it makes for a great story!

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AI was first used in military, especially where it comes to coordinated drone formations and drone fleet attack patterns.
We have seen these capabilities in the great laser shows China puts out every now and then.

These can all be militarised. Imagine an attack by a swarm of coordinated drones, they can overwhelm any defence system that are build to intercept large targets that are single units.
We have not seen this form of attack yet in action but I am pretty sure it has been already developed.

I haven’t heard that one. I have heard that he did ask one of the generals there if the situation in the movie could happen. A week later the general came back be said “it’s worse than you think”.

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