Advent of Code 2021

It’s soon to be that time of year… Advent of Code 2021 starts on Dec 1st. (I guess you have one week to prepare from the time I am making the post.) I will be attempting the challenges again this year, and sharing my thoughts here (with spoiler tags) in case you need a hint. (Assuming I don’t get stumped myself.) I also expect @Leo will give the first week a go as well, LISPing all the way :wink:

In the mean time, you can still do past years, some discussion about them is available here:

I’m trying to decide how to handle input this year. In past years I always kept my customized input in a text file in my resources folder for the problem. Since last year, Java has added a new feature for multi-line raw strings. So now I could do:

static final String PROVIDED_INPUT =
     [provided input text goes here]
  """ ;

Which is probably a faster way to tackle getting the input unless it gets way too long. (I think Java has some limits on statics that restrict the total size to 64K bytes.

I’m excited although I suspect I’ll be slower than usual this year. I still have a lot of Lisp to learn!