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Hi @leo! How long should we wait until our Email questions are answered? Thanks! We love you here in the Big Apple.

This is to Leo LaPorte,
Hi love all your shows!!! I also have the 12.9” iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard. Typing on it right now; sitting on the couch; with crossed legs; and “look Ma no hands” to hold it from tipping over.
I bought a USB-C dongle by Mokin. It haves just about every port you would want including VGA out and HDMI out. I would love for you to review this or a similar dongle. Not the dongle per say but whether this new ipad can drive a 30 inch external display and how well. I think that a lot of heavy content developers are going to say well I can’t work on a 12.9” display. I sought this iPad can drive 2 monitor. But if it could drive a 30” display that would tell a lot.
Maybe you can find a dongle with a Display port on it.
Anyway love the shows.

Tagging this for @Leo so he’ll see it more easily.