AAA 630: IO23: This Is The Way

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I find the dogged besottedness with Google hilarious, but also symptomatic of the ability of the internet and Google to deceive.

Sundar Pichai said Google has been working with AI for 7 years now. Microsoft put Cognitive Services into preview in 2016, that would be umm… 7 years ago, today the cognitive services are available in 35+ languages. The text services, language services and vision services all make excellent front ends to GPT AI. Just because millenials love Google, doesn’t mean they are winning

Also, having listened to the last part of the cast talking about Assistant - Cortana was streets ahead of Assistant when it was pulled due to Google killing Windows Mobile. Way back then it was context relevant and could could carry on interactive conversation in way that Assistant still has issues now. Even now it plays second fiddle to Alexa!!!

The AAA panel might not have Paul T levels of snark, but Jason and Ron did seem sceptical of Google’s keynote approach

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I would have liked to hear the Thurrot take AIIOAI :grin:

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