AAA 583: The Nothing Parade

Beep boop - this is a robot. A new show has been posted to TWiT…

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The Nothing looks like a thicker iPhone 12, with a transparent back.

Also, LEDs on the back? Most people put the phone straight in a case, so the LEDs won’t be seen anyway, or is the back polycarbonate, so not as liable to breaking as glass?

When I saw the first image on Twitter, I thought it was an iPhone with a case made to look like a hard drive…

Edit: There is so much shielding in place, what is the real point of the transparent back? You can’t really see anything, other than the shielding and a couple of wires poking around the shielding. The back could be a solid colour, with transparent cut-outs for the LEDs, for example.

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The LEDs will get a bit of press (it worked I guess, AAA are talking about it rather than other phones coming soon) but most folks will be more interested in is the camera as good as Pixel/Samsung/Apple, and what’s the price. I’d also want to know how committed Nothing is to software updates.

Samsung Wallet is good news :slightly_smiling_face: Pay is limited to loyalty and transport cards, at last I should be able to save boarding passes, IDs, vaccination certs etc. too.

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