AAA 521: The Fold 'n Roll

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I hope Android 12 will offer some better controls over automatically hibernating unused apps than iOS does. I feel like it will but you never know with Google sometimes. The way they are crippling things like File Managers and Automation apps like Tasker is concerning.

Haha, it was funny how the first reaction “temporal noise reduction” was time travel :sweat_smile:

It just means it’s using multiple frames to reduce the noise. Since each frame is at a different “time”, it makes it temporal. It’s basically the “+” HDR+ does.

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The 2014 movie “Time Lapse” has a story like the one Ron suggested with a camera that can take pictures 24 hours in the future. Time Lapse (film) - Wikipedia

Wasn’t that also a theme in That’s So Raven and Greatest American Hero? :slight_smile: