AAA 492: Galaxy S20 FE First Look

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@ronxo @JasonHowell
It is funny, I never liked the glass backs on smartphones. I always thought it was a silly idea and missed the polycarbonate case of my Lumia and Nexus 5x.

With those, I just carried them around as they were. With the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, P20 and my Galaxy S20+, they all have glass backs. Know what the first thing I did with each was? Put a damned plastic case on it, so that it didn’t slip out of my hand and break into a million pieces!

What is the point of a colourful, slippery glass back, if it is put in a case anyway?


So true, once you slap a case on there, who would even know that there’s a glass back on there. And truthfully, when I’m not sporting a case on my device, I’m constantly worried that I’m going to drop it or it’ll slip out of my pocket and die a horrible death (RIP Nexus 6.) So yeah, I totally get it!

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