1824 Drones? Please explain how

How do you control 1824 drones in close proximity? And create recognisable continents with them???

AI / programming. You pre-program the patterns, then the operator(s) manouver the key drones into position and the others are slaved off the key drones and execute their flight programming, with AI ensuring they don’t collide.

That would be my guess, any way.

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Just like Apple has the “lost device location technology” ultra-wideband, the drones can probably locate nearby drones fairly precisely. After that they just need a “playlist” of positions they need to reach, relative to their nearest neighbours. They could use GPS in some sense, but probably no need, since the patterns they’re meant to display are just point clouds, only one (or a few for safety) need to be oriented in actual real world space, the rest just work relative to others. This means some accumulation of positioning errors, but remember that you’re looking at them from some distance, so they need to actually be fairly distant from each other in order to not just appear as a blob of light.

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I don’t know if they used Intel technology for the display, but Intel is definitely a player in that market. I found this page on pricing interesting, it seems a bit pricey to me given that the drones are reusable, but no doubt you’re paying to transport a lot of gear and people and then put them up at the location for a number of days or weeks while they perfect your event.

Here’s some Wikipedia info on displays of the past and some of the other players in that market:

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I was curious how they swarm myself and found this article which explains it in detail…

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Thanks for some really interesting info.

So, purely as blue sky thinking, when will we see using tech like this for real 3D entertainment.

Found the following video during my exploration of this topic. Almost makes it look easy.


There was a pretty sweet drone light exhibition during the '19 Super Bowl halftime show, I think that’s about as real as entertainment gets.

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Yeah that was the Intel drone squad. $90,000 per show. Cheaper than fireworks!

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