Your First 5 Apps ...go!

  1. Labyrinth lite
  2. Tap tap revenge
  3. Cube runner
  4. Shakespere
  5. PapiJump


My first cell phones were feature phones, the Nokia “bar” that everyone had at that time in the early 2000’s and then later, around 2007 the Moto Razr. I was quite excited to finally get a smart phone… and I waited and waited for Android 4 to come out… and got the Samsung Galaxy S3. I remember being loathe to spend money on apps… but the first one I finally decided I had to have, for a whopping $0.99 was the Swiftkey keyboard… prompted from learning about it from XKCD:

Nothing as exciting as Doodle Jump! Notice I’m only still using one. This is iOS. I’ll post Android when I get home.

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These are my top purchased but not necessarily used :

I can’t take the credit for these downloads as my wife had an iPhone before I did — I was a Samsung Galaxy S and Blackberry Storm user until I eventually converted with the iPod Gen 3 and the iPhone 5c.

I also supported the Dreamcast, Zune HD and Surface RT. I have a tendency to support the underdogs. And I love Windows. :joy:

Hi, everybody! (Long time Tech TV, G4TV, and Twit fan!)

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I was about to call @Leo a nerd for having the NYT app be in his first 5… and then this happened. :eyes: :man_facepalming:

The 4S was my first iPhone. I gave up on Android when my new Nexus One was outdated after a year and a half. I find it a little odd that I don’t use any of the first five apps I downloaded anymore.

Interesting. I see only iOS screenshots above :slight_smile:

Not sure how to get this list on my android phone though. (I mean, ordering by date)

Doesn’t get much more generic than this haha, my actual first smartphone was a Windows Phone (Samsung Ativ S) but that is long gone.

Just 2¢: since screen shots of text are not very accessible to those with low vision, I went back and edited mine to have “alt text” other than the file name. It’s quite easy to do if you want to as well:

When you add a picture here, the picture is inserted using markdown of:

But filename is actually the “alt text” (what screen readers see) and is better used as your description of the image. For mine, I changed it to:

![screen shot of iTunes Remote, AIM, Facebook, Google, and New York Times apps. Purchased on July 11, 2008.](upload://___.jpeg)