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Re: Paul’s comment on Brave Search’s Goggles feature:
Isn’t the echo chamber theory basically debunked? Seeing not enough opposing viewpoints isn’t what polarizes us, it’s being constantly bombarded with opposing viewpoints. That’s my experience at least. It’s easy for me to sympathize with people who are opposite me politically until I see what they have to say and it turns out to be crueler and more nonsensical than I could’ve imagined.

The goggles sound interesting. Often when searching for information on a product, error codes or the handbook, I just get pages of shopping portals and reviews.

If I am searching for the handbook or error codes, I don’t need a shopping suggestion or a review, because I already have the product, and I’m probably in no mood to buy another one!

Being able to block irrelevant ratings, such as shops and review sites would make a lot of sense.