WW 760: The Activision Acquisition

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Interesting discussion on whether a low-end PC is worse than not having a PC at all.

It really does depend on your current starting point. If you have nothing now and need something to get online - whether to apply for jobs or communicate with family or any other reason, then you’d rather have something than nothing. My wife, when she was in college, had a car that had no heater or air conditioning. She had to use a hair dryer plugged into a power inverter (which itself was plugged into the cigarette lighter socket) to defrost her windshield. That was all she had. Would having no car be better than having a car like that? No, of course not, because the car - as low end as it was - enabled her to get to college and her job and other things that she could not otherwise do. It’s the same with computers.

If you already have a PC - then the equation becomes an evaluation between the necessity for a newer but less-capable machine versus your older but perhaps more capable device. That’s something each individual has to decide for themselves.

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