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What happens long term to Windows 10 users who do not get updated to Windows 11? Will support end at some point?

Windows 10 is supported through 2025.

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Windows 10 came out in 2015, and will be supported for 10 years. This is similar to what it did for all versions of Windows prior. (Traditionally it was 5 years of full support and 5 more of extended support, which means bugfix only and no feature changes.) If you want to stay on Windows 10 and you’re extra lucky, Microsoft may extend the 10 years a bit, as it did with XP, but I wouldn’t count on that.


Boy, I just noticed I can edit the title of, e.g., this thread (remove an additional w) based on acquired forum status. It feels like a superpower. Must. Only. Use. For. Good.


With great power comes great responsibility!

@PHolder has been pretty much been holding down the fort for the past year. Any help would be more than appreciated!!


I have this power as well, but not sure if I’ve ever used it. Trying to be very respectful of my fellow netizens here.