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It would be interesting to know if Microsoft’s JDK can finally do math.

I wrote a program in J++ 1.1 and 6.0, but it never worked, so I created a bug report with Microsoft, but I never heard a reply. I tried it a couple years later and it still didn’t work.

void main() {
    int a, b, x, y;
    a = b = 1;
    while 1 {
        x += a;
        y += b;
        if(x > 100) { a = -1;}
        if(x < 0) {a = 1;}
        if(y > 500){b = -1;}
        if(y < 0) {b = 1;}
        System.out.println("X " + x + ", Y " +y);

This should run X up to 100 and back down to 0 and Y up to 1000 and down to zero and back up again. But the math doesn’t work.

x += a is the equivalent of x = x + a
If a is 1, x should be incremented. If a is -1, x should be decremented. That works fine in Visual Basic, C, C#, PHP etc. Visual J++ ignores the sign and just keeps incrementing x and y, regardless of whether a and b are 1 or -1. Using a debugger, I confirmed that the if was working and a and b were switching to -1, but J++ just kept incrementing x and y.

In the end, I ended up doing:
if(a == 1) {x = x + 1;} else {x = x - 1;}

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